For the public art project PAPERGIRL, we created two sets of photos each with a unique hand written title line.
I woke up this morning and the sky was clear.

While reading a magazine, the first strike hit.

By the afternoon, lightning had ignited hundreds of fires in the hills.

Our forests are extremely dry this summer.

There hasn't been a fire in a long time; the forests are overfueled.

The smoke is so thick, I can see only a few miles now.

And the sun is casting an eerie glow on the land.

Who knows what will happen in the next few days.

If the high winds come, it will be a disaster long remembered.

I'm afraid it may be too late; this forest will be a desert.
A city-like skyline becomes apparent in the distance.

Visiting the site is an eerie experience.

It's like walking through a ghost town of stone.

It isn't just an isolated cemetery, it's the whole place.

An active landscape; a high plain surrounded by ridges.

The student leads me through thorns and boulders.

Here the inequality first began to develop.

I surveyed the area all around.

No human remains have yet been found.

It is absolutely overwhelming.
© 2011 C + A Projects